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At Falcon Web Pro, we transform small businesses into digital powerhouses, amplifying online presence and driving unparalleled growth.

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Holistic Approach: We offer a 360-degree view of your digital needs from marketing to copyrighting, from design to development.

Affordable Excellence: Our competitors might charge you 3x to 5x more for similar services. We believe in delivering the best, without breaking your bank.

Commitment to You: At Falcon, we go the extra mile, ensuring every client is more than just satisfied.



Quality Assurance


We turns ideas into captivating websites and online solutions.


We specializes in designing user-friendly websites that captivate and engage online audiences.


We enhances website quality and functionality through a meticulous refinement process.


We creates seamless websites, translating vision into a powerful online presence.


Our Proven Expertise

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94% Design-Driven First Impressions

Your website’s design dictates 94% of first impressions. Make every pixel count to capture your audience’s attention and trust.

88% Won't Return After Bad Experience

A seamless online interaction isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. With 88% of users less likely to return after a bad site experience, your business can’t afford to falter.

70-80% Do Their HomeworK

A whopping 70-80% of customers research a company online before purchasing. Your digital presence could be the deciding factor for potential clients.

62% Boost in Sales with Mobile Optimization

A mobile-friendly website isn’t optional. Businesses that prioritized mobile responsiveness experienced a 62% surge in sales.


Case Study

Online Restaurant Reservation

Shahi Restaurant

Experience Shahi Restaurant, where French elegance meets Indian spice. Our menu is a symphony of two culinary worlds, offering an array of delectable dishes. Immerse yourself in an ambiance that marries French sophistication with Indian warmth, and enjoy impeccable service. Shahi Restaurant is where fusion cuisine transforms into an unforgettable dining journey.



CRM for Sales

Sales Pro

Sales Pro is an innovative online platform dedicated to enhancing sales performance. It offers comprehensive sales training, cutting-edge tools, expert insights, and a collaborative community. Whether you’re a sales professional or a business owner, Sales Pro equips you with the resources needed to optimize your sales strategies and achieve remarkable results.


Customer Testimonials

The AI-based system is remarkably accurate, and the progress reports have been invaluable for tracking patient improvements.

Lance Espiritu

Not an easy project, a lot of algorithms and changes. I appreciate the Falcons for keeping up with all the changes and possible scenarios.

Brahim Afrit

Falcon Consulting succeeded where my previous team failed. Great work! We were able to deploy the project in big construction sites.

Zaara Aziz

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